What is wheel polishing?

Aluminum truck wheels come with a mirror finish when they are new. Over time they become oxidized, pitted and scratched (a dull grey color) To restore their original finish they must be polished.

Can previously unpolished wheels be polished?

Yes, previously unpolished wheels can be polished to a mirror finish; it just takes a little more effort.

Can all wheels be polished to a mirror finish?

Yes. Aluminum wheels with deep pitting or stone damage can be sanded smooth enough to be polished. But more presanding effort is required.

Does polishing a wheels damage it?

No. The thin layer of material removed from a wheel during polishing will not affect the strength or performance of an aluminum wheel.

The heat generated by the polishing process is below the allowable operating temperature of an aluminum wheel.

Must the tires be removed from the wheel?

No. However the wheel and tire assembly must be removed from the truck.

Why do truck owners want to keep their wheels polished?

  • Safety - oxidized rims camouflage cracks, polished wheels show dangerous defects.
  • Pride - a well polished truck communicates the pride of its owner / operator.
  • Resale - a well polished truck demands a higher price on the resale market.
  • Reduced Inspections - A truck and driver displaying pride gives the appearance of a well maintained vehicle reducing the likelyhood of inspection station delays.

Why WTW Polishing?

WTW Polishing uses state-of-the-art precision wheel polishing equipment providing the following advantages over manual polishing.

  • Quality - Our processes produce a deeper and longer lasting polish each and every time.
  • Safety - The controlled environment isolates an otherwise dangerous and unhealthy activity.
  • Speed - The strong electric motors can polish more wheels in less time. Robots never get tired!
  • Control - The computer controlled equipment is programmed to apply the perfect amount of polishing motion and pressure each and every time.
  • Cost - Our system cuts the cost of polishing by reducing the amount of manual labor.

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Precision Aluminum Wheel Polishing

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